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CBD Vape

CBD vape products, oils, devices and accessories offer a reliable, on-the-go method of consuming CBD oil when you need it, and at The Relaxation Company we’ve got a vast selection of CBD vape oils and e-liquids to choose from.

For the simplest solution, choose a disposable vape pen that requires no setup or maintenance, simply vape away and swap out for a new device. For a more economical solution, consider pre-filled cartridges that are compatible with any 510-threaded rechargeable vape battery or vape mod, or even CBD e-liquid in a variety of flavors that you can use to fill a traditional liquid vaping device to minimize waste.

Why are CBD vape pens so popular? The CBD liquids inside many of these devices are crafted by manufacturers who know a thing or two about balancing flavors and offering complexity. We stock a variety of award-winning brands who have honed their skills over the course of years producing e-liquids for the broader vapor market. These industry leaders are now bringing their expertise to the CBD world for your benefit.

As with other products, CBD vape oils comes in a variety of strengths and blends, from full-spectrum to isolate, and with flavored and unflavored options. Selecting your milligram levels is simple enough, and we’re here to help if you need assistance. CBD vape juice comes in flavor options as well. With flavor options ranging from fruity to sweets and desserts, selecting the flavor you’ll enjoy most may present the biggest challenge of all.

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How can I "vape" CBD?

While commonly referred to as "vape oils," it's important to recognize that most CBD oils are not appropriate for vaping. You'll need a specially-formulated "e-liquid" that's appropriate for vaping. These e-liquids often come in pre-filled cartridges, but "open system" liquids that allow you to fill your own liquid tank are also available. You'll also need to pair your CBD liquid with an appropriate liquid vaporizer battery, as most dry herb vaporizers are not compatible with e-liquids.

What does vaping do to your lungs?

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, and long-term studies have yet to be completed on how vaping affects the body. A large and growing body of evidence suggests that vaping is less harmful than smoking, but the lowest-risk option is not to smoke or vape.

How does vaping CBD make you feel?

People use CBD for a variety of reasons. The most commonly reported uses are for creating a feeling of calm and relaxation, improving sleep patterns and restfulness, and for creating a sense of general wellness.

Is CBD oil the same thing as vape oil?

In short, no. While slang terms like "vape juice" or "vape oil" are common, e-liquids designed for vaping will have virtually no oil if they contain any at all. Actual oil is not safe to inhale, particularly at temperatures reached in the vaporization process. Make sure you're only vaping specially-formulated e-liquids that were designed exclusively for use in a liquid vaporizer.

Can I use my herb vaporizer to vape CBD?

Not exactly. There are two types of personal vaporizers - one is designed for vaping dry herbs or concentrates like wax, liquid vaporizers are entirely different. There are certain CBD concentrates that can be vaped using a dry vaporizer, but for e-liquids you'll need a liquid-specific vaporizer with a refillable tank or a vape battery with 510-style threads to attach a pre-filled CBD vape cartridge.

How much CBD do I inhale when I vape?

Dosage will vary by person, but on average a single draw from a CBD vape with a strength of 100 mg/ml will deliver 1-2 mg of CBD. If you're a new user, consider starting with a single dose and waiting several hours before redosing. You can gradually increase the number and duration of puffs with each session until you achieve your desired effect.

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