What is CBD

The answer to this question is that CBD is the acronym for "cannabidiol," and it is a substance that we find in cannabis and the hemp plant. Because it is a main ingredient in the hemp plant, people believe that CBD is a substance that can cause them to become intoxicated because the hemp plant is closely related to the marijuana plant. CBD is an ingredient that exists in the marijuana plant, but it is not a substance that causes human beings to "get high." 

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What Is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is a cannabinoid, and it is the cause of the psychoactive effects that occur when a person consumes THC with marijuana or cannabis. CBD does not contain THC, so it does not cause you to experience the high that marijuana does.

The Difference between CBD and THC

CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, so they come from the cannabis plant. The human brain has receptors that correspond to cannabinoid type 1 or CB1. THC is a substance that stimulates these receptors, and it is the reason that you experience the effects marijuana causes. Cannabinoid is known as a "CB1 antagonist," so it doesn't allow the CB1 receptors to release any feelings of intoxication. Therefore, if you take CBD with THC, you will notice that the psychoactive effects of THC will be inhibited.

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What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant, but it is separated from the THC compound. This is the substance that manufacturers put into their oils, cookies and other products without producing a high. Because CBD comes from the same plant as marijuana, people are concerned that they will become high by ingesting CBD oil, but this cannot happen. The CBD used in CBD oils comes from the hemp plant, and the hemp plant does not cause any psychoactive effects. Some states limit the amount of THC an oil can contain. In most states, CBD oil may only have 0.3 percent THC, and this amount is not nearly enough to cause you to get the "high" feeling.

Is CBD Legal?

Cannabis is a controlled substance under federal law. Congress separated things in 2018 when it determined that cannabis derived from hemp plants would be exempt from being classified as a controlled substance. If the cannabis was derived from hemp plants, it is legal to use in states that do not prohibit its use. Specifically, CBD products derived from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3 percent THC are legal. CBD products derived from marijuana plants are illegal on the federal level, but they may be legal in some states.

Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD is safe for human consumption according to the World Health Organization. Consumed at high doses, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Mild nausea
  • Diarrhea

Some prescription medications may be less effective when taken with CBD, so you must consult with your doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs. CBD can also interact with prescription medications and cause other side effects that would not ordinarily occur. You will also be advised to seek medical advice if you are pregnant or nursing.