Now that CBD has become a global phenomenon, manufacturers are developing creative ways to work this non-psychoactive cannabinoid into your diet. Case and point: CBD beverages are now a reality. While it's not as popular as gummies or oils, CBD water is steadily gaining traction amongst hemp enthusiasts.  

So, what is CBD water, and why should you consider trying it? Please keep reading to find out more about this exciting (and hydrating!) new product.  

What Is CBD Water?


CBD water is exactly what it sounds like: purified water with traces of the hemp cannabinoid CBD. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, which means it won't make you feel "high." Often, these CBD beverages are sold in bottles or cans. As a bonus, most CBD waters on the market have fantastically fruity flavors. 

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For example, one of the leading names in the CBD water space is NanoCraft CBD. Based in California, NanoCraft CBD now offers two exciting "CBD Energy Water" products. Available in black cherry or cucumber-kiwi, each of these highly-rated CBD waters contains nano-emulsified CBD and vitamin B-12. As a bonus, NanoCraft CBD's waters have high doses of electrolytes that could help you recover after a workout. For more info on NanoCraft's CBD water, be sure to follow this link.  

Although CBD water is often sold in bottles, there are a few CBD powders now available. For instance, Elixinol now offers powdered full-spectrum CBD packets that you could add to a glass of water. There are currently three flavors in Elixinol's CBD powder catalog, each designed for use at different times of the day. You could find out more about Elixinol's flavorful CBD powders on this link.        

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Water?


The obvious benefit of drinking CBD water is that it could help you stay hydrated. This may not sound like a big deal, but recent studies suggest at least 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. So, there's a good chance you should add a little extra water to your daily routine. If you're someone who can't stand the taste of "boring old water," you'll have an easier time chugging a naturally-flavored CBD water. 

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In addition to the extra hydration they provide, CBD waters make it easy to enjoy a dose of cannabidiol on the down-low. If you pour your CBD water into another container, nobody at work will know you're sipping CBD throughout the day. 

We should note, however, that CBD waters aren't the most potent products available. This could be good or bad, depending on your preferences. If you like to feel CBD's subtle effects throughout the day, then you'll probably enjoy adding CBD water to your routine. However, if you want to feel CBD's full effects immediately, we recommend looking through our CBD vape or CBD tincture catalogs.         

How Much CBD Water Should I Drink?


Since CBD water is so new, many customers ask us, "How much CBD water should I drink?" While there's no clear-cut answer to this question, here are a few tips consumers should keep in mind.  

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First off, it's best to consider CBD water as an "addition" rather than a "replacement" to your regular water routine. Think of CBD water in the same category as you would hydrating sports drinks. On average, most people do well with one 8 oz bottle of CBD water per day. However, you may want to up that dosage to 16 oz of CBD water on gym days. Please keep in mind: these recommendations are just general guidelines. If you're new to CBD, you should start with the lowest possible dose to see how your body reacts. Keep increasing your CBD dosage every day until you find the level that works for you.  

If you're interested in learning more about CBD dosage, be sure to read this previous blog post

Are There Other CBD Beverages Now For Sale?


As we hinted in the intro, CBD water is just one of many CBD beverages now hitting the market. So, even if you're not a fan of flavored waters, there may be a few CBD-infused beverages worth a peek. 

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For instance, did you know some companies now sell high-CBD hemp tea bags? It's true! On Relaxation Company's website, you could now order a few boxes of Bish's highly-reviewed Hemp Tea. Whether you enjoy Earl Grey, green, peppermint, chai, or chamomile, you could find a brilliant blend in Bish's hemp tea catalog. Find out more about steeping a bag of hemp tea on this page

But don't worry coffee lovers; we haven't forgotten about you! Yes, there are now companies infusing their coffee grounds with traces of high-quality CBD. For instance, Green Roads now offers a lab-verified CBD Coffee that has a delightfully sweet caramel flavor. You could find out more about this delicious product on this webpage