how is CBD oil made ?

The Process of Obtaining CBD Oil

There are certain chemical compounds found in hemp and marijuana such as cannabidiol or CBD. CBD can be placed in vape juice, gummies, oil, and a variety of other products. Different processes can be used to obtain CBD oil from the Cannabis sativa L plant.

The Source of CBD Oil

CBD oil begins with Cannabis sativa L. This is a species of herbaceous that people have been cultivating for thousands of years. It has been grown and harvested for many different uses. The cannabis sativa L plant is usually much taller than its counterpart Cannabis indica. They look more like a bush and less like a tree. Cannabis sativa L can handle heat better and can be grown in warm climates.

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The properties of the Cannabis sativa L is what is most often chosen for industrial hemp growth and CBD oil. The reason is their stalks are taller. It can also be used for hemp-based extracts. The way industrial hemp is planted is what keeps it below the necessary 0.3 percent THC. There is then no drug-related high associated with the use of oil from Cannabis sativa L.

Oil Infusion

This is one of the oldest techniques used to obtain CBD oil. During this process, the plant material is heated to a specific temperature. It activates the compounds within the plant material. Olive oil or another type of carrier oil is then added for up to two hours. It is not possible to get the olive oil or other oils to evaporate out of the CBD oil. This means a lot more oil from this method is necessary to obtain the desired effect.

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Carbon Dioxide

This extraction method is designed to take advantage of the unique properties of CO2. These properties enable it to function in gas, solid, or liquid state of matter. This process often involves the use of closed-loop extractors. This extraction method starts with CO2 being pumped into a chamber containing cannabis material. The pressure in the chamber is kept level to ensure the CO2 remains in a liquid-state and absorbs the flavors as well as the oils from the plant. This substance is then moved to another chamber where the CO2 then returns to a gas state. The flavors and oil of the plant are what remain in solid form in the chamber.


When a high-grade refined oil is desired, it is possible to use a process known as short-path distillation. This process uses the fact that various compounds in CBD oil all have individual boiling points. The purest CBD oil involves boiling off compounds with a lower boiling point than CBD oil. It involves heating a CBD mixture until the unnecessary substances boil off. Vapors are formed and then move through a tube until they reach cooling coils. This is where vapors condensate. The liquid drips down into collections containers and this will provide a very pure form of CBD oil.

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Liquid Solvents

Utilizing a liquid solvent to take the CBD oil from a cannabis sativa L plant is a popular method. Some substances exist more naturally in a liquid state and can be effectively used. This includes isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, hexane, or butane. It involves using these substances in a way that is very similar to the process for CO2 extraction. Using an extraction process involving liquid solvents is a cheap and easy method for extracting CBD oil. It does come with some problems. Some of the solvents will result in obtaining impurities and chlorophyll. This will provide a bitter taste as well as a greenish tinge. When this particular extraction process is properly used, it can be adjusted to minimize most of these problems.


An essential part of obtaining high-quality, pure CBD oil involves winterization. This is a process designed to eliminate substances that are undesirable to be in the oil. When this is successful, the end result is pure CBD oil. It is designed to keep certain types of substances in the oil. This process involves taking the extracted oil and combining it with 200-proof alcohol. The mixture is then frozen overnight. In the morning, the mixture is ready to be run through a filter. This will eliminate the fats and other types of material from the mixture. When the oil becomes the desired quality, it can then be heated to the boiling point of alcohol. This boiling point will be less than that of CBD oil and will result in the alcohol boiling off. Only the pure CBD oil will be left.

Too many times people assume that CBD oil extraction requires complex labs and others think it is something that can be done in a person's kitchen. The reality is there isn't simply one method for extracting CBD oil. There are different methods to accommodate the various needs and uses of CBD oil.