Does CBD Oil Need To be Refrigerated?

Does Refrigeration of CBD OIl Ensure Freshness?

Although most hemp-infused products are made from entirely natural ingredients, placing inside a cold refrigerator isn’t necessary. In fact, if your refrigerator stays below zero degrees, it will change the oil’s consistency. This is most common with products containing coconut and olive oil. Since medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is a synthetic carrier blend of coconut and/or palm oil, there’s a chance this won’t occur. However, the consistency varies from product-to-product.

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If you accidentally placed your oil inside a refrigerator for a period of time, the best solution is to let the product thaw at room temperature. Never, ever use heat to thaw oil, as it may degrade and become less effective. Also, make sure the product isn’t in contact with direct sunlight or stored in a hot space, like your car, for a length of time.

Can I Freeze the Oil as a Way to Preserve It?

This is something the seller would be able to advise since they know the exact compounds used but generally speaking, you can. While usage varies from one person to the other, this is probably the best way to ensure effectiveness beyond a year. Although the oil will be thick with a cloudy appearance, this won’t affect its use. However, there are some things you must do before taking this step.

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Make sure the bottle or container has an airtight seal or hasn’t yet been opened. The reason is the air and humidity can change the oil’s composition. It also makes it easy for other food aromas, like garlic or strong spices, to get inside the product. Experts discourage users from transferring containers because air exposure can change the effectiveness. Cannabinoid products can suffer from what’s known as oxidative stress, or drastic breakdown due to prolonged oxygen exposure.

What is the Best Way to Store My CBD Oil?

If you’re an occasional user or your preferred product is hard to find, placing in a refrigerator ensures effectiveness for up to 24 months. On average, CBD oil that's placed in cool, dark spaces with minimal exposure to air last about 14 months. Containers should also be kept in an upright position at all times. When not in use, these should remain in a space where the temperature doesn’t vary, like an indoor pantry. If you live in an exceptionally warm climate, it may be best to store your CBD oil in a refrigerator and thaw at room temperature shortly before use.

When Should I Throw it Out?

As time passes, the color will change but generally, this doesn’t impact its effectiveness. If the product is more than a couple of years old, its effects are pretty much gone, even with refrigeration. After the oil has been opened for more than a few months, you may find that it takes more product to get the desired effects. This happens gradually after about 9-12 months after opening the container.

The aroma is another good indication of when to dispose of the contents, as the smell may go from herbal or minty to rancid. Some people feel that wrapping the dropper or the entire bottle in aluminum foil will extend the performance quality but this depends on the product and it hasn’t been proven.

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Quality CBD sellers want regular business so they’re happy to answer user questions about their goods. Many are experts who will share product information that will help you make the right choice. If you find cracks or tears in the container seal, don’t be afraid to point this out before leaving the premises.

Becoming familiar with the different classifications and infusions is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best product every time. Learn about extraction methods and how it impacts the shelf life of various hemp-infused products your retailer carries.