best CBD bath bombs

On some days, you get home exhausted after a long day of work or other errands. You might even have sore muscles, which leave you wishing you had an at-home spa. Luckily, you can unwind by using CBD bath bombs and get relief from any physical tension while enjoying soothing fragrances.

Although you can get CBD in many forms, bath bombs are an excellent choice for ultimate relaxation. While there are many brands to choose from, here are the top 7 best CBD bath bombs on the market.

1. Frontier CBD

Bath Bomb by Frontier CBD

If you are looking for a bath bomb, you can easily add to your bath routine; look no further. Frontier CBD bath bomb carefully prepares the finest CBD bombs using ethically sourced, state of the art ingredients. To guarantee the quality, Frontier CBD submits its ingredients to a third-party laboratory for extensive testing.

Besides, Frontier CBD offers a wide variety of luxurious scents you can choose from. Some of the options include Lavender, Hawaiian Plumeria, Mango Berry, and many more. To use this bath bomb, you need to place it under your warm water bath stream, and it will disintegrate.

Dose per bomb: 100mg CBD

Price: $12.00

2. Mint Wellness

Bath Bomb by Mint Wellness

Mint Wellness is the go-to brand if you are looking to get pampered by a more powerful CBD bath bomb. Besides containing CBD, these bath bombs also have skin moisturizing ingredients, which gives you value for your money. The ingredients are also tested in a third-party laboratory.

Besides the dual functionality, Mint Wellness bath bombs come in a wide array of flavors you can choose from. These include Black Raspberry, Hibiscus Rose, and Melon Medley. To enjoy the luxurious feel and fragrance, place your Mint Wellness CBD bath bomb under warm running water.

Dose per bomb: 200mg CBD

Price: $14.99

3. Bluum Lab

CBD Bath Bomb by Bluum Lab

If you want to de-stress and relieve tension with essential oils, you might consider adding Bluum Lab CBD bath bombs to your bath routine. These incredible bath bombs are available in two sizes: 2oz and 6oz. They are available in a variety of scents, such as Rise-Focus Lemongrass and Rejuvenate- Sensual Jasmine, all of which are prepared using natural ingredients. They also contain essential oils such as patchouli and lavender.

To enjoy these bath time delights, drop your preferred bath Bluum Lab bath bomb in a bathtub with warm water. To get the best experience, soak in the water for at least 30 minutes.

Dosage: 35mg CMD for 2oz, and 60mg or 100mg CBD for 60z

Price: Starting from $6.99

Envy CBD

CBD Peace Bath Bombs by Envy CBD

Envy CBD designs bath bombs that will help you wash away all tensions from your home's comfort. Besides containing full-spectrum CBD, these bath bombs also contain essential oils and Epsom salts for ultimate relaxation.

To get the most out of Envy CBD's bath bombs, will your bathtub with warm water and drop your bath bomb of choice inside. Then go ahead and soak for at least 30 minutes.

CBD strength: 50mg

Price: $14.99


CBD Bath Bomb by CBD MD

CBD MD is renowned for its top-notch CBD products. Similarly, their bath bombs do not disappoint. Using sophisticated technology, cbdMD extracts healthy compounds from hemp while leaving out THC. You can choose from the six available scents, which include frankincense, lavender, and eucalyptus. Besides, these relaxing bombs also contain essential oils that leave your skin rejuvenated. Even better, you don't have to worry about your bathtub staining, since they don't contain any artificial dyes.

CBD Strength: 100mg


Bath Bomb by REMY CBD

If you are looking to unwind using a low strength REMy CBD bath bomb, REMY is what you are looking for. These bath bombs contain natural hemp-derived CBD, essential oils, and Epsom salt. They also have irresistible fragrances that will leave you delighted.

CBD Strength: 20mg

Price: $13.00

7. Discover CBD

Active CBD Oil Bath Bombs by Discover CBD

Discover CBD makes bath bombs with no trace of THC that will leave you divinely relaxed. You can choose to form the three available scents: Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon & Eucalyptus. They also send their products to a third-party lab for extensive testing. Besides, Discover CBD bath bombs are relatively more significant than average, making it a worthy investment. They also contain grapeseed oil, an antioxidant essential for skin beauty.

Dosage per bath bomb: 40mg CBD

Price: $9.00

Bath bombs enhance blood flow, leaving you with an enviable glow. When you add CBD to the mix, not only do you get the glow, but you also enjoy the benefits of CBD, such as relaxation and tension relief. Using CBD bath bombs also alleviates your overall mood.